Wednesday, October 26, 2005

For the Love of God!...and SPORTS

Why was I up at the god-awful hour between sanity and sunrise? Because the Astros took more than 5 hours to lose last night's, World Series game 3.

I've seen my heart broken three times this week and it's only Wednesday. Sunday was the worst. I saw the Cowboys lose to Seattle in the game's last 40 seconds. I watched the Astros lose game two on a 2-out, bottom of the 9th homerun. Nail-biters, the lot of them, if only I bit my nails. Damn my lungs are sore.

The one bright spot of the week - Supernatural. I missed it last Tuesday, but was fortunate to catch an encore episode Sunday night/Monday morning at 1am after Charmed. (yes, I watch Charmed, if only for camp and cleavage).

Tuesday's episode ended half an hour to 4am. Not having enough unread e-mails to compliment an unopened Coke, I decided it was time to write. When all else fails, I return to this empty screen and these randomly placed, labeled keyboard buttons.

Read an article Tuesday about the successful and failing shows this Fall. Supernatural, like a few others, is not necessarily the next LOST, but after the World Series ends, it will remain in the Fox primetime line-up. I was reassured.

Watching the Astros lose is going to be a first for me. Not only is this their first World Series invite, but it also marks the first time, that I can remember, a professional, Texas sports team has made it to a championship game and not one - and my memory on the subject dates back to the late 1980s/early '90s.

I've seen the Cowboys win three NFL championships, the Houston Rockets win two, the San Antonio Spurs three, and the Dallas Stars one. When/(if) the Astros lose game 4 tonight, my undefeated run will end.

My saving grace/silver lining/glass is half full perspective: Supernatural will run another encore episode Sunday night and an all-new episode next Tuesday. Supernatural isn't a GREAT show, but at least the good guys win at the end of each episode. This could likewise be the silver bullet that keeps it from returned next season, but for now, it gives me hope. While Texan sports teams may not forever dominate every championship game, there will be another day for good to prevail over evil and, let's face it, all sports outside of Texas is Evil.


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